Three major operators confirmed 5G avaible on 1st Sep

Sources from Operator financial media:said that the three major operators will start commercial use of 5G on step 1, the operator's website Financial reported. China mobile and China telecom said there were no plans to subsidize users' purchases of 5G phones, the report said. Wang xiaochu, chairman of China unicom, said at the company's 2019 interim results conference that the company is not considering 5G subsidies. Users can purchase mobile phones to enter 5G network without changing their number or card. The promotion of 5G will be carried out in two stages, said wang xiaochu, chairman of China unicom, at the company's 2019 interim results conference. The first stage is the transition period, from now to November 22 this year, mainly in the form of increasing function packages, the minimum package is 190 yuan per month; In the long term, unicom will seek different pricing according to the quality and speed of users. Industry analysts believe that the price level of 5G packages of China mobile and telecom should be around this level, considering the high consistency of the three major operators in the construction and commercial process of 5G. The first batch of 5G mobile phones were officially launched in China in August, with zte AXON 10 Pro 5G priced at 4,999 RMB,and huawei Mate 20X 5G priced at 6,199 RMB.