Chongqing Management Bureau investigates and implements admi

The administrative village fiber optic cable is the mission of the people's livelihood issued by the Chongqing municipal government this year. In order to ensure the full coverage of the city's administrative village fiber network as scheduled, the Chongqing Communications Administration led the information and communication enterprise to launch the "administrative village pass fiber-optic 100-day battle." Recently, the Chongqing Management Bureau and the Chongqing Municipal Economic and Information Commission went deep into the city of Chengkou County to investigate the implementation of the administrative village through the fiber-optic 100-day battle to achieve results.
Chengkou County, located in the northeastern part of Chongqing and the junction of the three provinces and cities of Chongqing and Sichuan, is carrying out the fight against poverty. The administrative village fiber will greatly reduce the spatial distance between the depths of the Daba Mountain and the outside world. Development provides strong network security. The task of building the optical fiber broadband in the administrative village of Chengkou County was undertaken by Chongqing Telecom. The research team listened to the report of the Chengkou County Economic and Information Commission and the telecommunications company, and observed the optical fiber network coverage of Longmao Town’s Changmao Village and Bashan Town’s Village. Happening. Up to now, fiber-optic broadband has covered 204 administrative villages in the county, with a coverage rate of 99%, broadband users exceeding 20,000, Internet TV access users more than 10,000, 20M access rate reaching 96%, 50M access rate up to 58%. The administrative village-pass fiber has become an important driving force for the development of Internet + agricultural innovation. It has laid a solid foundation for the export of agricultural and forestry products such as the old bacon in Chengkou and the mountain chicken in Chengkou.
The research team requested the district and county economic and trust committees to cooperate with the basic telecom operators to promote the task, and actively carry out farmers' information technology training, encourage farmers to use fiber-optic broadband, vigorously develop rural e-commerce, increase rural broadband penetration, and promote agricultural development and rural areas. Prosperity, farmers get rich.