Ccloud 2020 annual meeting bring to a successful close

On 21st January , 2020, Ccloud held the annual meeting and achieved a successful conclusion.
During the meeting, the general manager of Ccloud made an important speech on the current situation. We believe that Ccloud will achieve better results under his leadership in the New Year.The past year of 2019 was bound to be an extraordinary year. Ccloud has made great progress in new product research and development, market promotion and after-sales service also have had been made great improvement. As a high-end module leading the future 5G, we have made breakthrough progress and new products are ready for 5G market. All the hard working and practising had bring Ccloud walk through 7 years and now still stand in this market, we believe at the near coming 2020 Ccloud will achieve high achievement and made our name great again.