On 13th March, Governor Liu came to visited China Cloud

On March 13, Vice governor liu qiang came to our ZiBo city to investigate the construction of the "4 + N" financing pilot project for foreign trade enterprises and old residential areas under the guidance of financial counselors. City Governor Jiang duntao, deputy party secretary and mayor yu haitian, deputy party secretary ma xiaolei, vice city leaders song zhenbo and liu rongxi accompanied the activities.
Governor liu has to surpass shandong light industry products Co., Ltd., shandong qi core micro system technology Co., Ltd., China Cloud Electro Technology CO.,Ltd.shandong auditions biological technology Co., Ltd., shandong zhuo gen information Co., Ltd., Zibo Qixiang Tengda Chemical Co., Ltd., Zibo the green renewable resources Co., Ltd., has carried on the on-the-spot investigation, and insight into the new corona virus influence on the enterprise production and operation, ask for details of the epidemic prevention and control, to return to work and production, import and export, foreign exchange settlement, and etc, Governor  Liu listen carefully to the enterprise in financing, bank credit, financial counseling difficulties and problems, research solutions on site. 
He said that we should fully implement the spirit of general secretary xi jinping's important speech and the decisions and plans of the central government, focus on epidemic prevention and control, and focus on economic and social development.We need to implement the financial guidance system, select and send highly qualified personnel to tailor financing programs for enterprises, improve the availability of financing for enterprises, and reduce financing costs.Listed companies listed work, more attention must be paid to the enterprise management situation, the real difficult to ascertain and financial demands, make policy propaganda, counseling, finance planning, intensify policy support and the work, and actively guide enterprise having cultivating potential active docking multi-level capital market, to accelerate the process of public listed, with the aid of the capital market to achieve better and faster development.In linzi district changs saemaul undong living quarters and Jin Yin living quarters at the scene of the old village renovation project, liu listen to old village transformation and "4 + N" financing pilot project work report, detailed understanding of the community recovery, epidemic prevention and control and people life order carefully ask district upgrade the financing mode and the project progress, and face to solicit public opinion on old village renovation work.
He pointed out that the old village transformation is the party central committee and the State Council and the provincial party committee, the important work of the provincial government to deploy, the principle of "work sharing" should be grasped, strengthening planning, land, such as fiscal policy support, the use of good "4 + N" financing model, we work together, all the resources together, innovation into comprehensive reform way.To adhere to the base class, perfect, promotion "three" synchronous transform, coordination, both prominent aging infrastructure, environment considered the problem, and focus on the introduction of pension, nursery, medical, housekeeping, commercial facilities and other services supply, promote environmental improvement, service optimization, the activation of consumption, let the masses satisfied and happy.We need to do practical and detailed work with the masses, carry out household visits in all areas, give full play to the role of party officials and neighbors, guide residents' expectations and emotions in a scientific way, and solve hot and difficult problems concerning energy-saving Windows, elevators, parking lots, and property management that the masses are concerned about.
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