New dream new journey

On February 9, 2018, Shandong Huayun Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd. solemnly held the 2018 Annual Meeting and the 2017 Annual Celebration Ceremony.
The atmosphere of the ceremony was joyful and peaceful. Looking back at 2017, Huayun people gained too much growth and defeated countless difficulties. Huayun Optoelectronics has gone through six years and is the hard work and hard work of every employee. Today's powerful Huayun Optoelectronics, the wolf-like Huayun people have always believed that in 2018, with the joint efforts of all colleagues, Huayun Optoelectronics will definitely be invincible and create greater glories.
At the party, the audience broadcasted the collection of all employees, and organized the award of outstanding employees. Huayun Optoelectronics thanked each employee for their contribution and cherished the loyalty of each employee. Huayun Optoelectronics and Huayun were in the same boat.
The on-site programs are colorful and colorful, and they are fascinating. The middle of the show is also filled with lottery and red packets. The climax of the annual meeting is constantly held. At the end of the party, all the staff members jointly select the best program award to draw a successful ending for the annual meeting.
With the wonderful music and pleasant mood, the party came to a close. But the hard-working heart is still beating, the wolf-like people are still struggling, and wish Huayun Optoelectronics to create new achievements in the new journey and continue to write brilliant.